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Holy Mother Meatballs Mug

On Friday morning, Democrats in the Holy Mother Meatballs Mug What’s more,I will buy this House passed the Women’s Health Protection Act,” an attempt by Democrats in Congress to codify Roe as more than constitutional precedent. Democrats have a tiny, unlikely window to try and save women’s reproductive freedom before December 1, when the Supreme Court, now dominated by conservative justices, hears Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Missisipi abortion ban case that challegs the right to abortion established by Roe. As the bill’s writer, Senator Richard Blumenthal put it to me: “The WHPA offers the clearest and best path forward to protecting Roe through congressional action. Any lawmaker who believes that access to abortion is a fundamental right should support this legislation.”

Holy Mother Meatballs Mug

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