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Roller Coaster Enthusiast Shirt

She is dressed a lot like me, actually. Cool pants and cute girly tops or cute dresses with cool shoes. Always balanced. Almost all of her clothing is from when I was a baby. My mom kept everything. We lived in Paris from when I was born till I was six and she bought me this Roller Coaster Enthusiast Shirt moreover I love this amazing Jacadi, Bonpoint, and Baby Dior wardrobe, which is now Uma’s. Perfectly kept and all timeless items. If I need something new for her I usually shop online. I have a couple. The Saks Potts “William Shirt” made both my pregnancy, my breastfeeding, and my stroller walks feel comfortable, practical, and chic. I wore it every day and still do. It gets more and more beautiful with use.

Roller Coaster Enthusiast Shirt

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